About Anxin

In our aspiration to develop buildings of the highest quality, we bring a precise and purposeful approach to all aspects of our work. Each project we undertake brings together a curated team of collaborators with shared values and best-in-class experience, from local development partners to internationally acclaimed architects and interior designers. Our team consists of certified lawyers, professional accountants, BC Land Surveyors, BC certified civil engineers, professional real estate brokers, registered insurance brokers, and other senior consultants.

We envision every project as a singular and lasting work of architecture that makes a positive contribution to its environment. Our professional team can provide you with reliable service to aid your life in Canada. We hope to provide the best customer service possible and be the life-long friends of all our clients.


Experts working for you

Anxin project believes, nature has given us consciousness, intellectual and free will.

All buildings, all arts, and all citizens will be coordinated through their association with the whole. Achieve happiness in common life.


Best-in-class Design

Aegean series projects from the characteristics of the building itself utility of function, highly localized quality, the feature of technique, public object, continuity with the decorative arts and the corresponding multiplicity to create the richest, most complete, and highest standard wooden apartment project.



Some external factors are necessary for a happy life, a loving family&friends, a decent home, a pleasant job and a free society.

To enjoy the art of the moment, happiness is the whole life.

Focus on the skills of the moment, try to enjoy everything you are doing, yoga practice, walks and chats. Happiness is simple.