New Project in Cloverdale Coming Soon

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Request EARLY INVESTOR access now and receive plans, pricing, floorplans and incentives for our first owners. Coming soon to Cloverdale.
Set in the heart of Cloverdale’s downtown, The project has meticulously crafted each home for a life of effortless style and enduring elegance. Spacious and contemporary interiors are filled with shimmering natural light and feature a functional, practical designs inspired to create homes of exceptional quality.
The Aegean Garden is centrally located in Cloverdale’s downtown where we see several inches less rainfall each year, than most Lower Mainland communities. Surrounded by the Surrey Museum, BC Archives, Fraser Valley Library, Schools, Rec Centres with Curling, Swimming and more. We are walking distance to the Ponies and Casino and Rodeo grounds. We are virtually next door to a range of restaurant options from fine dining with cuisine from award winning chefs through lively pubs and more. You will not want to miss the shops and galleries for your pleasure.

There are many reasons that Cloverdale is one of the Lower Mainland’s fastest growing communities and was voted in the BEST NEIGHBOURHOODs by CBC in 2021.